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Nigerian lady heartbroken over death of ex-boyfriend she blocked from reaching her since 2013



A Nigerian lady, Irene Lunguda, is currently trending on Twitter after she announced that her ex-boyfriend is dead.

The Nigerian lady further disclosed that she blocked her ex-boyfriend, Femi from reaching her since 2013 but was shocked when she was told that he died last year after she checked up him. She wrote;

‘I blocked my ex-boyfriend from reaching me in every possible way, since 2013 only for me to check up on him today and I found out he died last year???
Am sorry I was hard on you Femi. Am sorry Am Sorry Am Sorry ???
Lord I need you.’

Nigerian lady heartbroken after learning her ex-boyfriend she blocked from reaching her since 2013, is dead lailasnews 1


Few months ago also, a Nigerian lady also took to social media to mourn her ex-boyfriend. Medlin Chisom recounted good memories they shared and she wrote;

RIP baby
Cutie, as I used to call you. I know right now I might sound stupid and insane. But il try to take everything.

Let’s have a flashback
Facebook made me to know you in 2014. We became good friends and later fell head over heels for each other. We had good memories together, laughed, cried, quarreled, yabbed and did other funny things.

Fast forward to 2016, things became rocky and difficult. Trust me I made them difficult. You begged countless of times but my heart was made up to leave u. I began ignoring ur calls and messages both from you and your brother.

I felt you were no more important and I moved on. I deleted your number, blocked you on whatsap and Facebook. Truthfully all those periods, I missed you a bit but my ego wouldn’t let me.

Fast forward to this morning, I got up to take an ease just to see a post of you attached with RIP? Wtf! Nnamdi? My own Dell Dell? Jesus Christ, I quickly called your brother and tho he hesitated to pick, his voice explained everything.

So here I am, writing back to you at death. I feel so stupid, hated and awkward. How come? All those dreams you talked bout? Those endless wishes? #sobs.

I’m sorry Dell. I take out this time to mourn you cos funny enough my heart is blinking the same way it did the first day I met you in Enugu.

With tears in my heart, I wish you a better place in the life beyond. I love you Dell. ???????

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I’m dedicating my soul to Satan because he is better than God



A Nigerian man and Facebook user Full-time Udummiri Nwakalu, has announced dedicating his soul to the devil, who he claim is better than God.

Pledging to bring more souls to their coven, the Nigerian man disclosed that he loves the devil so much and can’t stop working for him. His post reads;

I dedicate my soul to Satan because he is far better than God. Devil I love you so much and can never stop working for you, bringing more Christians to your kingdom and initiating them in our coven because the end time is near.

I’m dedicating my soul to Satan because he is better than God - Nigerian man lailasnews 1

He also shared the effect his post had on some of his followers. Read a chat between him and one of his followers below;

I’m dedicating my soul to Satan because he is better than God - Nigerian man lailasnews 4

I’m dedicating my soul to Satan because he is better than God - Nigerian man lailasnews 2

I’m dedicating my soul to Satan because he is better than God - Nigerian man lailasnews 3

This is not the first time the Nigerian man has been involved in a controversial post. Few months ago, he tore the Bible which he claimed is a slave manual. He wrote then;

Bible say this, Bible say that, can’t you think without the Bible. Your brain is obviously useless as without the Bible you can’t make any point. What if I tell you I use the Bible for toilet?

Britain I am no longer afraid of the book you used to enslave my people, I tore it in the public today, I have proven to many that it’s just a book and words of men. On this day I liberated thousands of people from fear and chains. I am a proud fighter, we must continue to fight modern day colonialism.
You Christians have been burning several traditional shrines, you post it on Facebook everybody cheer you and praise your nonsense Jesus. Today I decided to show what it feels like. I have been using the Bible for toilet about 3 months now just that I decided to make it public today and you talking nonsense in my posts.
God punish all of you there I don’t care.
I must follow my ancestry ways I don’t I care about any nonsensical nonsense human being here.
I destroyed the Bible, it’s from the devil,if you support me hit LIKE.

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Couple filmed having sex at a restaurant while awaiting their order



A randy couple filmed having sex at a restaurant while awaiting their order, have gone viral on twitter after the video hit the social media platform.

The couple were captured while being served late-night burgers at McDonald’s.

The raunchy clip, which is believed that have been filmed at a branch in Italy, was shared to titter  and immediately went viral.

The video, shot by a fellow customer shows the man standing close behind his girlfriend with her dress pulled up around her waist, exposing her bare bottom.

As the burgers and fries are delivered, the pair begin rubbing up against each other. Once the food arrives, the man stops grinding against the woman and she quickly pulls down her dress.

Couple filmed having sex at a restaurant while awaiting their order lailasnews 2


This is just coming a day after another couple in Russia, while on the train, made an attempt to have sex in the glaring view of other passengers in teh carriage.

It took the intervention of an old pensioner on the train for the couple to desist from their public display of shame.

Couple filmed having sex at a restaurant while awaiting their order

The man had been watching them before they began the act, but moved in when it was obvious the couple didn’t care about people watching them while they messed themselves up in the carriage.

The man says something to the woman that enrages her and she lashes out at the elderly man before shouting at him.

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Paedophiles publicly shot and hanged after raping and killing young boy



Paedophiles publicly shot and hanged after raping and killing young boy.

Three men have been publicly shot and hanged after they were found guilty of raping and killing a 10-year-old boy.

The paedophiles were executed yesterday in the country’s capital Sana’a where their bodies were put on display to discourage others from carrying out similar attacks.

Before their deaths Abdul Jalil al-Ashhab, 19, Mohammed Said al-‘Uqri, 27, and Ghaleb al-Rashdi, also 19, were handcuffed and paraded in front of the crowds before being ordered to lie down.

They were then executed with three shots aiming for the heart, before being winched into the air as a warning to other potential offenders.

According to media in the Middle East, the three men kidnapped the young boy as he headed to his grandmother’s house in the village of Na’wa on October 29.

The trio covered the child’s mouth with a cloth and took him to a nearby school, where they carried out their horrific crimes.

Paedophiles publicly shot

After torturing and raping the boy, they choked him to death and hid his body in an abandoned house.

The men were executed by a firing squad on August 8.

Yemen, south of Saudi Arabia, still strongly enforces capital punishment for violent cases such as murder, rape, and terrorism.


The country has one of the world’s highest rates of execution per capita.

Most Death sentences are executed by shooting, while stoning, although rare, is possible under the criminal procedure and penal law.

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