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Which country is the most developed, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, or Angola?



As of August 2018, my ranking of the most developed would be as follows. Based on their GDP per capita (PPP) and HDI ranking in Africa. First ranking in GDP and 2nd ranking is HDI out of 55 African countries, which combines life expectancy, education & literacy rates, and GNI).

Angola ( 18th and 15th)
Nigeria ( 20th and 17th)
Kenya ( 25th and 16th)
Rwanda ( 36th and 25th)
Within the constraint of my definition, Angola comes first, Nigeria second, Kenya, third, and Rwanda, 4th.

Rwanda is a very small country and really cannot be compared with “oil rich” Nigeria or Angola. At least, not at the moment in 2018.

I am Rwandan, who is interested in business and entrepreneurship.

If I wanted to get rich quick, I will move to Nigeria and Angola. Oil rich countries and the power of access to many customers in one location.
If you are a large manufacturing company, you want to go to Nigeria. You have access to 200 million people. Sell 10% of your items to the customers, and make one dollar on each, and boom, you have got $20 million sitting in the bank. Quick and easy.
If I wanted to live in a very organized country with less hustle, rule of law, low levels of corruption, business friendly climate, and accountability from government institutions, I would go to Rwanda.
These 4 countries are very different in sizes, economies, etc. It is quite a challenge to compare them head to head. It actually cannot be done. Unless, you specify your definition of “ developed”. For now, I will focus on regular economic indicators, laid out by Economists at World Bank, IMF and similar institutions.

If you look at the GDP per capita (PPP) alone, You would say that Angola and Nigeria are the most developped. However, remember than Angola and Nigeria are oil rich countries. Their numbers are bumped up by the crude oil they produce and export to the rest of the world to get rich.

Unfortunately, the funds coming from those resources enrich a minority of business people and politicians. And not majority of their citizens. Lagos and Luanda are such a good example. The richest neighborhoods in those countries will trick you to thinking that you are in Monaco or Switzerland.

Therefore, in addition to GDP per capita, you have to include other economics metrics such HD( Human Development Index, literacy rates, access to healthcare and basic education ( 12 years of primary and secondary schools), life expactancy and happiness index).

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